A Complete Cloud Video Platform for Digital Contents

ByteArk Stream Total solutions
Create and manage your contents in the cloud video platform for your content delivery.
Intuitive workflow
Flexible video delivery settings through Project and Presents while maintaining your requirements.

Streaming can have a huge impact on your business. And DSC can have a huge impact on your streaming.


Return of investment


Less time spent managing content


Increase in viewers

customer experience

Coverage TOP 10 of digital TV in Thailand
Stream on multiple devices with adaptive bitrate
Unique viewers watching stream over ByteArk
Max concurrent achieved
Growth in usage
Minutes streamed with ByteArk

Main features
for all customer

Videos Streaming for all situation

Video Live Streaming

Simultaneously stream live event or 24/7 streaming channel to audiences

Video on Demand (VoD)

Audiences choose when and where to play the contents, just Youtube or Netflix

ByteArk Stream

Total solutions

Create and manage your contents in the cloud video platform for your content delivery

Intuitive workflow

Flexible videos delivery settings through project and presets, while maintaining your requirements

ByteArk player success for your video player needs

Adaptive bitrate supported for all device and networks

Multi resolutions and adaptive bit-rate ready for every devices and Internet speed, also with ByteArk Player for video playing.

Cast to your Bigger screens Support for Chromecast and Airplay Digital Rights Management (DRM) Control proper rights for your content

Content Protection

Wide varieties of content security support

- Referer/Origin blocking
- byteaek.pre.signed.url
- Geo-location blocking
- Clear key Content encryption

Stronger DRM system support

- Google’s Widevine - ByteArk is a certified Widevine Modular implementer - Apple Fairplay - ByteArk team has experienced in implementing Apple Fairplay for customers

Our Support

Automated Redundant
Our multi-IDC infrastructure network ensures availability even in the worst case scenario.
Deep Insight
Support team with deep insight every part of software and have with 10+ years of experience.
24/7 Monitoring
The system has been actively monitoring in real-time with more than thousands of metrics to ensure avaliability
Integration Consultant
Out customer success team on completeness of integration make sure that your production have the best video experence