Transform your app engagement

Access the world‘s most popular effects

Direct access to the technology that delights users across the world, providing unrivalled engagement, interaction, and conversion.

Scale to any business requirement or size

Following years of optimization and technical improvements, our algorithms and special effects scale like no other solution.

Create your own effects with ease

The simple creation of 2D, 3D and interactive effects with an easy-to-use UI,ideal for both professionals and beginners through the Creator Tool.

As easy as one, two, three

AR Effects & Filters

  • Over 70,000 engaging stickers
  • Beauty, makeup, and shaping effects
  • Advanced 3D effects using GAN technology

The Creator Tool

  • Effect design, creation and real-time preview

Computer Vision Technology

  • Visual algorithms for the creation of customized, interactive experiences

Utilize our large gallery of AR effects and filters to

Enhance your user experience

Deliver more engaging live streams

Deliver deeper user engagement, resulting in longer session times, higher repeat visits, and an accelerated rate of audience growth.

Inspire more creative short video content

Enable deeper more meaningful communication to creative higher quality and quantity of UGC-heightening your app retention, awareness, and revenue generation.

Enable better connectivity in video chats

To make communication more engaging and creative - hence growing the number of monthly active users and time spent per user

Develop loyal users with feature-rich photo editing

Replace large R&D costs with Effects SDK to develop complex effects features to focus on revenue generation without escalating costs

The Creator Tool

Create engaging branded effects with ease

A highly accessible platform for creators of all levels of expertise to create branded effects forinteractive entertainment, photo-editing, or live video streaming

Computer Vision Technology

Gain access to our patented algorithms and tailor them to your requirement

Key Facial Point Tracking
Detection of Facial Attributes
Gesture Detection
Gesture Detection
Body Motion Detection
Segmentation Capabilities
Detection of Lighting Conditions
Distance Detection

Enable industry-leading video editing with ease

Create Duets with existing videos
Integrate with Effects SDK
Edit Multi-Track videos and audio
Obtain a quick Custom UI Service for quick code integration
Access pre-built Magic Templates

Integrate best-in-class audio features

Noise Suppression
High fidelity without sacrificing strong noise reduction
  • Offline Acoustic Echo
  • Cancellation (AEC)
  • Automatic Gain Control AGC Active Noise Control (ANC)
Voice Changing
Create entertaining sound effects for users
  • Voice changing
  • Sound effect processing
  • Audio detection
  • Beautification
  • Reverberation & many more effects
Karaoke Scoring
Score karaoke performance in real-time
  • Access real-time pitch display
  • Score individual lyrics or entire songs
Volume Normalization
Normalize the volume of unevenly distributed videos
  • Loudness detection
  • Loudness compression
Beat Detection
Automatically analyze and obtain beats of music
  • Discover more information about the music
  • Enable music discovery