We are passionate about delivering experiences

  • One cloud platform to build, manage, monetize and grow your ott Apps.
  • Building scalable solutions to solve business problems with technology
  • Designing digital platforms with cloud and data at the focal point
  • Tried & tested expertise in OTT & Cloud solutions with a core competency in building robust & customizable media solutions

Setup and launch within 5-6 weeks with

  • Zero Capital Investment
  • Zero Coding
  • Pay-as-you-Grow-model
  • Across 10+ Distribution platforms
  • Easily adapted to your custom needs
Scalable, Robust & Modular
Let us handle the hassle of managing connection with partners.
50+Pre-integrated Partners
Let us handle the hassle of managing connection with partners.
Pay as you Go & Grow
Reduce initial setup costs and plan your budgets better with this model.
Unified User Management
Easily manage all your users, segment them into buckets and manage preferences
Seamless version update
Focus energy on creating content and relieve the stress of updating your app
Faster time to market
Leverage our existing infrastructure to go LIVE faster & start earning revenue

The open high way to ott success

Go Live on 10+ plaforms instantly

Start analysis watch trends & usage patterns to tailor your content further

Start marketing your OTT offering from the get go and grow your reach

Increase your chances of banking revenues right from the time you go LIVE

Add new content, revamp your visual identity, etc. on the fly without stressful updates

From ongoing updates incorporating new partner we handle everthing for

Products & Services

Native, White - Label, Ott Apps
enveu’s Rich Media Apps enable you to use a white-lable UX framework and deploy a quick and easy branded environment. Launch your OTT app at lightening speed and with zero or limited engineering across 10 different platforms.
• Rich, Intuitive Templates • Faster Time to Market • Dynamic to Your Brand • Support for LIVE TV, VOD, Offline • Easy Discovery & Binge Watching
Experience Manager
Leverage this full-featured UX management for Native, Connected TVs and HTML5 applications which helps you make run time changes to the way your users experience your OTT Service across Devices POD CONTENT MANAGER.
• Tested UI/UX Templates • Targeted & Dynamic UI/UX • A/B Testing • Customizable Layouts & Navigation • Screen Management • App Publisher
Content Manager
A comprehensive headless CMS that allows you to import, create and manage flexible content structure and manage metadata all in one interface. It’s a one stop solution to manage your Content Structure, Taxonomy, Metadata layout and Publishing to your Client Apps.
• Video / Cloud Integrations • Content Modeling • API Gateway • Content Formats
One tool to manage all billing and Monetization related workflows. Manage subscription, advertisement accounts, integrated with all major payment methods. Not just that, also Manage billing data, generate reports, send reminders, and many more.
• Subscription Management • TVOD/PPV • advertisements • Bills & Payments • SVOD/TVOD Workflows • Promotions & Offers • Revenue Management